An unhandled exception happens during registration

While trying to register Meteonorm an unhandled exception occurs and the software crashes: remote name could not be resolved:

Please use version 7.1.3 or newer to register. Older versions don't work anymore on some windows systems.

The unhandled exception has the following content:

If the part about the remote name '' is in your error message the following answers might solve your problem:

  • During registration Meteonorm needs to contact our license server. You have to be on-line, at least for the registration!
  • Some IT systems use a proxy server to resolve internet addresses. If so, you have to enter it into the Meteonorm software settings. Please start Meteonorm software in the demo mode. Open the menu: Tools -> Options and enter the proxy server.
  • Start registration again in the menu: Help -> Register.

How to check if your system can connect to our license server?

Please enter the following URL in your browser and check if you receive a message as shown bellow.


Return message: Hello X.X.X.X, your SSL-connection is ok.

If this message is shown you should try to retrieve the correct proxy settings from your IT support.