MeteonormOutput formats

Output formats

36 different predefined output formats are available. They cover most of the established simulation software in solar energy applications and building design. All output formats are available for hourly as well as monthly values.

Alternatively, you can define your own user-defined output format.

General output formats

StandardStandard format with global radiation, diffuse radiation, radiation on inclined plane, direct normal radiation and temperature
MeteoFormat with standard meteorological parameters (only monthly values)
Standard minuteFormat for minute models with global radiation, diffuse radiation, radiation on inclined plane, direct normal radiation, clearsky radiation, temperature and wind speed
HumidityFormat with humidity parameters
Spectral/UVFormat with UVA/B/E radiation parameters
Standard/opt.Format to calculate the optimal tilt and azimuth of a plane (optimal for yearly yield, only monthly values)
User definedUser defined format with free choice of parameters, delimiter etc.

Output formats for PV simulations

PVSOLFormat for simulation tool PVSOL (Valentin)
PVSystFormat for simulation tool PVSyst
PolysunFormat for simulation tool Polysun (Vela Solaris)
Meteo matrixMeteo matrix format (SUPSI)

Output formats for building simulations

TRNSYSFormat for simulation tool TRNSYS
HELIOS-PCFormat for simulation tool HELIOS-PC
DOEFormat for simulation tool DOE-2
SIA 380/1SIA 380/1 Format (only monthly values) [SIA = Swiss Society of Engineers and Arcitects]
SIA 2028Format according SIA 2028 "Merkblatt" (Swiss test reference year format)
LESOSAIFormat for simulation tool Lesosai (monthly values)
EnergyplusFormat for simulation tool Energyplus (EPW format)
DynbilFormat for simulation tool Dynbil
PHPP/WaveFormat for simulation tool PHPP (< version 8) and Wave
PHPP 8Format for simulation tool PHPP (version 8)
WUFI/WACFormat for simulation tool WUFI / WAC
IDA/ICEFormat for simulation tool IDA/ICE
IBK-CCMFormat for simulation tool IBK-CCM
VIP-EnergyFormat of simulation tool VIP-Energy (Strusoft)
Pleiades/ComfieFormat for simulation tool Pleiades/Comfie

Output formats for solar thermal simulations

TSOLFormat for simulation tool TSOL (Valentin)
PolysunFormat for simulation tool Polysun (Vela Solaris)
Solar-RippFormat for simulation tool of Solar-Ripp