Meteonorm time series

Historical time series of irradiation, temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind anywhere on Earth.

  • Worldwide historical time series
  • Hourly values since 2010
  • Typical years
  • Monthly average values

Meteonorm time series

What's the offer?

Meteonorm 8.0 allows access to historical time series of irradiation and temperature. The new archive contains hourly data since 2010 and is constantly updated. You can download these time series directly from the Meteonorm software.

Thanks to this new feature, Meteonorm now offers access to all relevant meteorological information required for planning of solar applications through the same software platform:

  • typical years
  • monthly averages
  • hourly time series

What's the price?

To get access to the data archive, you need a registered license of Meteonorm 7.3 or 8.0.

Depending on your needs you can chose from three different packages. One single request corresponds to one year of hourly values for one site:

  • 1 single request: CHF 200
  • Package of 10 single requests: CHF 1'000
  • Unlimited access to the archive during one year: CHF 4'000

Quick access to monthly values (from the 8th of the following month)

After the payment, the Meteonorm timeseries feature will immediately be enabled in your Meteonorm 8.0 application.

Data base

Irradiation data for most areas North of 62°S and South of 62°N is derived from satellite data. Irradiation data outside this area is taken from ERA5 reanalysis data. Temperature profiles are modelled with measured Tmin and Tmax daily data. This allows better reproduction of the daily cycles of the temperature than with ERA5 data.

The irradiation dataset was compiled combining the Heliosat method applied to the visible channels 1 and 12 (High Resolution Visible) with a multichannel retrieval for snow cover detection using near infrared and infrared channels. A statistical regression approach integrating ground measurements is adopted for bias correction and uncertainty reduction.

A small button - a big step forward

In Meteonorm 8, there is a button "Daily/hourly values" in the menu "modification & data import". Via this button, you get to a new screen in which you can download hourly values for the selected site and year. The data will be saved in a specific folder so that you can access the data anytime.

In this window, the current number of available single requests is displayed. You can buy a new package online dierctly from this window.

One request contains: Hourly values of one year.

Meteonorm features

This new offer can be combined with all benefits of Meteonorm:

  • Calculation of minute values
  • Application of urban heat algorithms
  • Calculation of extreme values
  • Comparison with typical years
  • Output formats for many simulation software

Future development

We plan to extend the time series service in the future with with longer historic time periods.

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