How to move personal data from version 7 to 8

Personal data like user defined stations, user formats or downloaded hourly data can be moved to version 8.

Move personal data from Version 7 to 8

  1. Backup self defined (e.g. stnuser2013.mdb) data from version 7: %AppData% \Roaming\Meteotest\meteonorm7\
    --> Copy folders: CustomFormats, horicatcher_images, HourlyValues (with downloaded time series), MonthlyValues
    --> Copy files: custom.xml, horicatcher.config, stnuser2013.sqlite and favorites.xml
    --> Folder Backups and file exceptions.log doesn't need to be backuped
  2. Install Meteonorm 8
  3. Copy backuped data to:%AppData% \Roaming\Meteotest\meteonorm\
  4. Start up Meteonorm 8
  5. Done!

Where to find the location database stnuser2013.sqlite?

  • Version 8: %AppData% \Roaming\Meteotest\meteonorm\stnuser2013.sqlite
  • Version 7: %AppData% \Roaming\Meteotest\meteonorm7\stnuser2013.sqlite

You can find the %AppData% path by entering "%AppData%" in the file explorer.