How to move the software version 6 to another computer?

Computer crash, new OS or just the need to move Meteonorm to another computer? You can either reinstall version 6.1 or take the opportunity to upgrade to version 7.

Even if you have registered Meteonorm 6 before, a new installation needs to be registered again. The reason for this procedure is because Meteonorm always generates a new installation code during the installation process and the password depends on this code. Therefore a password is valid only for one installation.

The relatively complicated registration process of version 6 was one of the reasons to develop version 7 in 2012. With Meteonorm 7 only one serial number is needed.

Move software from computer A to computer B

  1. Backup self defined sites on computer A: stnuser2005.mdb.
  2. De-install Meteonorm on computer A.
  3. Download Meteonorm version 6.1 installer on computer B.
  4. Install Meteonorm on computer B.
  5. Start up Meteonorm on computer B and open the login window, where the new installation code is shown.
  6. Register the new installation code via email hidden; JavaScript is required and leave a note about the replacement of a previous installation.
  7. When the e-mail with the new password arrives, start up Meteonorm again open the login window and enter all credentials (serial number and new installation code). If you can't see the OK button (because of a too smal screen resolution), press ALT O.
  8. Copy stnuser2005.mdb into the new installation and replace existing file.
  9. Done!

Where to find the location database stnuser2005.mdb?

c:\Program Files\Common Files\MN61\output\stnuser2005.mdb