How to upgrade my existing, older meteonorm software to version 7?

Do you still run Meteonorm version 6.1 (2009) or an even older version on your computer? Then it's time for an upgrade.

Quick guide

Backup your settings and get the new meteonorm software running on your computer

  1. Order the upgrade on this website.
  2. There are special prices starting from 200 CHF for EDU licenses and CHF 300 for standard licences for existing Meteonorm software users.
  3. After payment you will receive an order confirmation containing your new serial number.
  4. Download the current Meteonorm version.
  5. Install it and get it running: See FAQ link below "installation quick guide".
  6. Backup user defined sites from previous settings before un-installing your old Meteonorm version.

In the meteonorm software version 6.x all user defined sites are saved in an Access database, located in the output folder:

c:\Program Files\Common Files\MN61\output\stnuser2005.mdb (possibly c:\Program Files (x86)...

Please save this file to another place before uninstalling the old Meteonorm version 6. You can import the locations in Meteonorm software version 7 via the menu "Locations - Import user defined locations".